As a coxswain, I concentrated most on knowing the people in my boat - why they were rowing, why they came down to the boathouse, what made them tick. You have to know whether someone’s rowing because they love their mother and hate their father. They’re not sure they are proud of themselves; they want to be proud. Determine some of that and you can tap the strongest parts of those individuals. Being able to inspire someone, unexpected and in a way new and fresh to them, is what made coxswaining special for me.
Devin Mahoney, Coxswain, Varsity Heavyweight Eight, Harvard ‘86 (via fuckyeahrowing) (via rowingislife7) (via port-or-starboard) (via be-a-little-creative) (via thatonecoxn) (via imnotthecoxswain) (via lifeasacoxswain) (via rowtography) (via sternpair) (via rowingfit) (via rowpuppyrow) (via s0methingaboutwater)